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Pushing the boundaries

of bridal style

Bride & Winter offers contemporary, unique, affordable and luxurious gowns in size 6 - 24 for the modern bride. 

By appointment we offer brides an exclusive one on one personalised styling session by our professionally trained image consultant/personal stylist and our onsite alterations ensure our brides feel perfectly polished and are perfectly fitted on their wedding day. 

Beautiful bride in boho wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

Featured Dresses

Stylish wedding dresses from emerging and distinguished designers who are breaking the mold everyday.

Stevie wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

Made with Love - Stevie

Her elaborate beauty is so captivating, stimulating all of the senses as she leaves you breathless. Stevie is enigmatic, beckoning to be revealed.

Felicity wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

white april - Felicity

Her illusion lace v neck is daring yet romantic, contemporary but classic. Felicity fulfills the edgy but elegant dreams of the free and fearless of brides.

Willow wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

made with love - Willow

Without ado, without the bells and whistles for your attention: behold Willow. She sings without sound and dances without music. She needs nothing, because in herself, she is complete.

Frankie wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

made with love - Frankie

Her sensual lace adorns her bride and leaves all her guests murmuring. And her pockets! Oh, her pockets. So delightfully serendipitous, because in Frankie, it’s so easy for her bride to be breath-taking.

Jaslin wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

white april - Jaslin

Free spirited, stylish and enchanted by unique detail. Jaslin is exceptional and refreshing, she glistens as you gaze, capturing the essence of the modern bride.

Sofia wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

made with love - Sofia

If there ever was a purity, a truth, a daring innocence, Sofia would be her name. She’s the culmination of decorum, beauty, boldness and flowing joy.


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With an appointment you will have you the entire fitting studio to yourself and your dedicated stylist will work closely with you to find the perfect gown to meet your body shape, style and personality.

The Bride and Winter wedding studio - By Bride & Winter
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