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Pushing the boundaries

of bridal style

Bride & Winter offers contemporary, unique, affordable and luxurious gowns in size 6 - 24 for the modern bride. 

By appointment we offer brides an exclusive one on one personalised styling session by our professionally trained image consultant/personal stylist and our onsite alterations ensure our brides feel perfectly polished and are perfectly fitted on their wedding day. 

Beautiful bride in boho wedding dress - By Bride & Winter

Featured Dresses

Stylish wedding dresses from emerging and distinguished designers who are breaking the mold everyday.

Trish Peng Halle Lace.jpg

Trish peng - halle in lace

For the timeless bride with a raging streak of femininity. Halle’s silhouette is a classic, total sophistication and adorned with lace. A choice of your lace no less.

Trish Peng Lulu

Trish peng - lulu

Lulu causes chaos, delightful and delirious chaos to all who gaze her way. Delicate and dainty but with sweet cheek all the same. Lulu. Beautiful by name, beautiful by design.

Trish Peng Josie lace

Trish peng - josie in lace

Flawless floral perfection. Full and fierce Josie will have you float across any room. Whimsical and romantic she’ll leave you and anyone in her way breathless.

Made With Love Georgie

made with love - GEORGIE

Miss Georgie is a sleek silhouette of superb class and sophistication. She has no sharp edges, except her edge for beauty, for she is completely smooth.

White Meadow My Love.jpg

WHite meadow - your love 2pc

Created for the bride who is looking for something different and knows what she wants. She’s not afraid to break the rules and epitomises the modern day bride.


made with love - zylah

Zylah is what dreams are made of. She’s for the new world bride. She embraces culture and beauty and allows her magic to ignite the hearts of all who see her.


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With an appointment you will have you the entire fitting studio to yourself and your dedicated stylist will work closely with you to find the perfect gown to meet your body shape, style and personality.

The Bride and Winter wedding studio - By Bride & Winter
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