The Body Shape Bridal Basics

Body Shapes - Bride & Winter

Finding the perfect wedding dress is always high on the wedding must-have list for most women, but the dress will only be perfect if you first focus on the basics – BODY SHAPES.

And that’s where we come into our own.

Fitting all body shapes with designer wedding dresses is what we do best, so before you get carried away with wedding dress this and that, how about pop in and get your body shape low down. Here’s a little taste of what we’ll talk.


The Heart

This lovely lady has a full bust with a small waist and small hips. Your body is reminiscent of the lines of a margarita glass. There is a fullness to your bust and a narrowness to the rest of your body.

Ladies with this shape will likely want to de-emphasise their bust. As a heart shaped woman you’ll need to balance your body carefully so that you don’t make the lower half of your body appear out of balance or create the appearance of heaviness in an attempt to create balance.

The best solutions here are soft, curved lines over the bust with sharper lines from the waist down.  A high neckline will create added emphasis to your bust so lower necklines and v neckline dresses will flatter.


The Rectangle

This beautiful body is often described as ‘straight up and down’, meaning not many curves. You’ll likely want to create the illusion of more curves by choosing a dress that emphasizes the subtle shape you do have. Your body is reminiscent of the champagne flute. Designed so that everything especially laughter will bubble up from within.

Ladies with a rectangle body shape will want to create a waist for themselves. empire lines, and princess sheath styles along with small belts that cinch in at your natural waistline will accentuate your subtle shape.


The Triangle

This body shape has a small chest and waist, with larger hips.

This gorgeous gal will want to draw attention away from the hips and create a greater influence at the shoulders. Like the white wine glass you are fuller around the bottom. Your lines are designed to indulge the sense and celebrate the beauty of women.

Shoulder design is important for you to appear fuller in the shoulders.


The Inverted Triangle

This shape is distinctively known as a swimmers body. This little beauty has broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. Your body is reminiscent of the lines of a martini glass. You are smooth and a little sure of yourself.

Ladies with this shape will often want to soften their shoulder line, however open shoulders will look great with your square shoulder line while accentuating your small waist line.


The Cocktail Glass/ Hourglass

This woman has curves. Bust and hips close in size. Waist is much smaller. You have the same shape as the cocktail glass with a fuller top and bottom and a narrow waist.

Luckily for you the cocktail/hourglass is the most proportionate, and flattering this shape is all about emphasizing what you already have, so fit and flare or mermaid styles are ideal as the silhouette varies but is always balanced.


The Oval

This wonderful woman has the softest geometric shape of all. You will have a defined middle and will endeavor to present yourself in a way so as to minimise your stomach and accentuate your shoulders or legs. The fullness and richness of your shape, is immortalised by the red wine glass. Like a red wine you are full bodied and luscious.

A-line styles with a structured bodice cinched in just above your natural waistline will contrast against a fuller skirt to create an hourglass silhouette.