The Most Important Dress Of Your Whole Life

Making sure you feel and look your best, managing the expectations of family and friends, and navigating through endless options can be overwhelming. A bridal stylist will act as your advocate and can assist with every aspect of your overall bridal look. And lucky for you we know just who!!

We strictly adhere to any good personal stylists bible working through the 5 S's to achieve the ultimate polished and styled look.

SHAPE - this dress suits my personal body shape. So important! Just because you love a certain style dress doesn't mean it's going to love you.

SIZE - this dress fits me perfectly. In order to achieve a perfect and flawless finished look, your dress will need altering to suit your body shape and it absolutely will fit, once it has been in the hands of our amazing machinist right here onsite.

SHADE - this dress is in the right shade for my skin tone. With so many different shades, ivory, off white, nude, champagne, mocha, blush, white, cafe......... (you get the picture) it is so important to physically see what colour brings you and your skin tone to life.

STYLE - this dress conveys my true personality. It's so easy to get swept up in the moment, but the right dress should feel like you're wearing the dress, rather than the dress wearing you! You want your loved ones to comment on how beautiful YOU look, not just the dress. YOU and your dress are a package!

SUITABLE - this dress suits my style of wedding. Including your theme, location/venue and is in your budget.

And finally it should make you feel like you want to walk down the aisle right now and never want to take it off.... only then, does it become the 5 S DRESS!!

You can be confident that you won't leave here without your dress ticking each of the above.

We have you and your dress covered ladies.