Who we are

And what we believe


We care about your style. We care about your fit. We care about your experience. And mostly we care about you.

We'll listen to you, we'll understand you and we'll inspire you by gently pushing your boundaries.

We are driven by our passion to uniquely style you to polished perfection on the one day you care most about, your wedding day.

We also care about all women, so we donate to New Zealand Women's Refuge, because we believe in the potential and strength of every woman.

Alana & Barb - the Bride & Winter team


Alana is an avid lover of style not fashion, a true believer that size does not dictate and on a quest to celebrate femininity and encourage women to love their bodies, all shapes, all sizes, leading all different lives.

A professional image consultant and personal stylist, Alana has a deep understanding of body shapes, proportion, balance and styles to suit all women. Bringing with her a refreshingly contemporary and holistic approach to bridal, Alana returned to Dunedin after seven years in the style mecca of Melbourne to simply follow a dream.....


Style Director & Dreamer


Barb does things to gowns and garments you have to see to believe. She’s that good she’s named the ‘Magician’.

A professional machinist sewing for renowned New Zealand fashion designers with over 30 years experience, Barbs bridal alteration skills are second to none.

When she’s not living her passion in front of the sewing machine, and she’s not telling stories of her wilder younger days, you’ll find her with her other passion... family.....


Machinist & Magician

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